Canvas en textile

Many Wolky trainers and sneakers are made of canvas. This fabric instantly gives the shoe a summery look. How do you care for canvas and textile? We explain below.

Caring for canvas and textile

Many Wolky trainers and sneakers are made of canvas. It instantly gives the shoe a summery look. Most of our canvas shoes have a suede lining, so you’re still assured of the comfortable qualities of leather.


Textile and canvas have an open structure, so it is very important to protect these materials against moisture and dirt. We recommend the Wolky All Protect spray or the Carbon Pro spray. These sprays provide high-performance impregnation, keeping your shoes looking great for longer.


Besides protecting your textile or canvas shoes, it is important to clean them from time to time. Cleaning removes dirt from the pores of the material, making it easier for the material to absorb nutrients. The first step is to clean your shoes ‘dry’. Using a soft brush, gently brush over the shoes until the dirt is gone. After the dry stage, you can ‘damp’ clean them. Clean textile or canvas with Carbon Complete, applying with the sponge provided. Your shoes will look as good as new in no time! Clean the soles with a damp cloth.

TIP: Shoes with white soles are best cleaned with Sneaker White. The soles will look brilliant white again in no time.


These shoes are of excellent quality! And do you want to keep them that way? Then we recommend that you use the following products.

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