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Our success story started with just one sandal: the Alto. Other models soon followed. Wolky has introduced hundreds of models down the years. Join us on a guided tour of our best-selling shoes – the ones we're especially proud of.


It was 1983 when Wolky released the Alto. This was the very first model to feature a patented heel closure. From that point on, Wolky has concentrated on maximum adjustability combined with a unique footbed that molds itself to the foot.


Soon after the launch of the Alto sandal, demand for a shoe offering the same level of walking comfort started to grow. So two years later, in 1985, Wolky introduced its very first shoe line, Nature. The anatomically shaped PU outsole makes the shoe as light as a feather, while the original moccasin design gives it exceptional suppleness.


Our big breakthrough came in 1990. The Paris from the Wolky City line was one of the few sandals available at that time. Elegant and supremely comfortable, it came in a variety of nubuck colours. The Paris was an immediate hit and put Wolky firmly on track for success.


Wolky moves with the times. After the City line’s success, Wolky introduced its Boutique line in the mid-nineties. It had the same styling as the City line but featured a higher, platform sole. The Avenue made its mark as a comfortable but on-trend sandal.

Roll moc

The year 2000 marked another milestone: the Roll Moc. The upturned sole gave it a cheeky flair. The whimsical design combined with unprecedented comfort has made the Roll Moc a lasting hit which Wolky has expanded with numerous different models. This model marked the launch of Wolky’s first-ever summer and winter collections, and there are now Wolkys for all seasons.

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Moving on to 2001 and the launch of the Jewel, a shoe from Wolky's Tulip collection and one of its best-selling models worldwide. You'll recognize the Tulip collection by the tulips imprinted on the soles. This timeless shoe offers unparalleled comfort thanks to its roll-off sole, removable Wolky cork footbed, and fully adjustable fit.


Two years later (2003), Wolky surprised everyone by introducing a quality canvas trainer, the Etna. Its trendy look and superb comfort turned the Etna into a best seller and made Wolky a popular brand with a growing number of retailers.

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Rolling Summer

 After the success of the Roll Moc, a follow-up was inevitable. The Roll On arrived in 2006. The sandal in the series, the Rolling Summer, was an immediate smash hit and has remained so ever since.


Could a western boot really feature in the Wolky collection? How far could Wolky go? Questions that surrounded the launch in 2007 of Western Comfort, Wolky’s brand-new western line. Western Comfort combined comfortable walking and a removable footbed with up-to-date, trendy styling – features that made the rugged Bronson boot a genuine Wolky.


Wolky introduced another new line in 2013. The UP2 proved to be an entirely new phenomenon in the world of footwear. Everything that Wolky stands for comes together in this line. The shoes are lightweight, airy, quirky, and feature a triple-layer sole that cushions, cools, and offers a firm grip. It's no wonder that shoes in this line remain hugely popular even today.


‘The e-bike of walking shoes’. That's how Wolky described its new e-Walk® line in 2015. Shoes in this line offer unparalleled walking comfort. The secret is the Roll-a-Way System, with a sole designed to get your feet rolling easily off the ground. Walking uses a lot less energy that way. Add in stretch leather that ensures a perfect fit for every foot and you'll understand why Wolky had another best seller in its catalogue.


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Red deer

Wolky introduced its Rugged line in 2018. The ultra-flexible sole of this stylish line is made for supreme walking comfort. It's little wonder that the Red Deer – the biker boot in the Rugged line – was one of Wolky's best-selling winter models in 2018 and 2019.


Wolky launched the Why in the winter of 2019. The successor of the Roll Moc, this boot belongs to the Wally line and offers the same dependable comfort as shoes made on the Roll Moc last. It became a best seller and is now available in a range of different colours.


Spring 2020 saw Wolky launch a brand new line. The W-Base shows Wolky in an entirely new light. That’s because the sneaker in this line, the Base, is made of microfibre instead of leather, making it feather-light, breathable, and… vegan! And yet this shoe still features Wolky's familiar hallmarks: outstanding walking comfort and a removable footbed.

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