Maintain your shoes

Maintenance is key

Wolky shoes are all about quality. The materials we use to make our shoes are very carefully selected. To maximise the life of your shoes, it is important to care for them using the right products. Regular cleaning and maintenance is key in keeping your Wolkys in tip-top shape. There are always three stages to looking after your shoes: protect, care and clean. Choose the type of material and find out more about the best way to protect, care for and clean your shoes.

Smooth leather

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Nubuck and suede

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Greased and oiled

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Patent leather

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Leather footbeds

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Care by concern

Leathers that have been stained by coffee, food, paint, etc. cannot be removed easily. We recommend seeking a reputable shoe cobbler through your Wolky dealer or locally who can evaluate the severity of the stain and offer solutions.

Salt Stains

Always rinse off salt marks as soon as possible using a 50/50 mixture of white distilled vinegar and water applied with a clean cloth. Be sure not to over-saturate. Wipe dry, air-dry until no moisture remains and then follow up with a leather conditioner.

Moisture Proofing

Use a waterproofing spray to reduce the amount of moisture absorbed into your leathers. These sprays also help prevent foreign substances from causing stains. These leather & care products are available for purchase through select Wolky retailers and shoe repair shops.

Bleeding Dyes

Wolky footwear is made with genuine premium leathers. With premium leathers, the dye is absorbed through the entire leather. While this is a more costly method, our high-quality leathers get only the best treatment that is apparent by the softness and suppleness you feel on your feet. Bleeding can occur even in the best tanned leathers when you sweat. This is not a defect. To remove the staining on your feet, you can use a mixture of warm water and bath salts. Your footbed can be treated with a non-silicone, water resistant based spray to keep the color off of your feet.

Extended Wear

While we know it’s hard to resist, we don’t recommend wearing the same pair of Wolkys every day. Giving them a day to rest in between outings lets the leather air out to avoid moisture oversaturation. Sounds like just one more reason to own more than one pair, doesn’t it?


Footwear is purchased to be worn and not stored. We use polyurethane soles as the best protection between our feet and the ground. It is shock-absorbent, lightweight, wear-resistant, resistance to abrasion, water-proof and easy to clean.

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