wolky size chart

We believe it takes high quality shoes and a perfect fit to walk comfortably. Many of us end up wearing shoes that are either too big or too small without even realizing it.

*You will find the size conversion charts for Wolky shoes on this page. Use these charts to find your size. Need more information? Keep scrolling to learn more about Wolky sizing.

35 2 4 22,2
35,5 2,5 5
36 3 5,5 23,1
36,5 3,5
37 4 6 23,5
37,5 4,5 6,5
38 5 7 24,3
38,5 5,5 7,5
39 6 8 24,8
39,5 8,5
40 6,5 9 25,6
41 7 26,2
41,5 7,5 10
42 8 11 26,9
42,5 8,5
43 9 12 27,4
44 9,5 12,5 28,1
40 6,5 7 25,6
41 7 7,5 26,2
41,5 7,5 8
42 8 8,5 26,9
42,5 8,5 9
43 9 9,5 27,4
43,5 9,5 10
44 10 10,5 28,1
45 10,5 11 28,8
46 11 11,5 29,4
46,5 11,5 12
47 12 12,5 30,1

More about wolky's fitting

Of course, a numerical size alone doesn’t tell you everything about the fit of a shoe, nor does it guarantee size consistency across all Wolky models. After all, we are known to cater our shoes to fit a wide variety of feet.

That is why we provide specific fit information for each model in the product description to help you make the right choice. Generally, Wolky shoes tend to run large. However, Wolky sandals, run slightly smaller in length than average. When in doubt, find the fit of every shoe right under the product description. 

consider width measurements too

It's essential to also factor in width measurements, which can differ from shoe to shoe. At Wolky, we consistently provide width measurements as a guideline in our product descriptions. We believe that achieving the perfect size and fit is vital for maximizing both comfort and style.

We use the following system to define the width of a shoe:

N: Narrow fit – ideal for slender, refined feet

M: Medium fit – accommodates an average-sized foot, with additional adjustability which is typical of Wolky shoes

W: Wide fit – designed for broader feet or those requiring more volume

WW: Extra wide fit – specifically tailored for significantly wider feet or for feet that need substantial volume.

* Wondering how to use a size chart? Start by measuring the length of your feet from heel to longest toe. Then, refer to our size chart and compare your foot length with the provided measurements to find the right size. Also, be sure to check the fit information for each shoe to see if there's anything else you should consider!

Good to know: Our customer service team is well-versed in all things Wolky shoes, including sizes and fits. Don't hesitate to reach out for guidance – whether by phone, email, or social media, we're here to help! Find out all the ways to contact us.

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