Chrome-free shoes

Shoes with a chrome-free lining are not only good for the environment, but also for people with a chrome allergy. We'll explain more about it.

Chrome in shoes?

Part of the Wolky collection is made with a chrome-free lining. That's good news, of course, but why? To make leather from an animal skin, the skin must be 'tanned'. This tanning can be done roughly in two ways: naturally and with the help of chemical substances. The first way is very time-consuming, which is why the second way of tanning is widely used; using chrome. Don't worry: this is not dangerous in small amounts, but if you have a chrome allergy, it might be something you suffer from.

Chrome free lining

For some time, Wolky also has shoes in the collection without chrome in the lining. This is not only good for the environment (by not using chromium, the leather is more biodegradable) but also for people with a chromate allergy. In our webshop you can easily select 'chrome-free inner lining'. This way you can find out whether you are ordering a shoe without chrome.

Shoes with a chrome free lining

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