Smooth leather

The Wolky collection includes a wide range of shoes made of smooth leather. You can recognise this leather by its smooth surface, usually with a medium or silky shine.

Caring for smooth leather

Smooth leather has many advantages. If the leather is looked after well, it will last for years with little deterioration in quality. Durability is therefore one of the main advantages of shoes made of smooth leather. In addition, once it has been impregnated, smooth leather is a water-resistant material. It is also breathable, which has the advantage of quickly wicking away perspiration and keeping your feet fresh. By caring for your shoes properly, you can go on enjoying all these benefits for a long time.  


To protect your smooth leather shoes against moisture and dirt, we recommend the Wolky All Protect spray and the Carbon Wax spray. The big advantage of these sprays is that they provide your shoes with maximum protection while at the same time nourishing the leather.

TIP: To protect your shoes, apply the 30x30x30 rule. Spray for 30 seconds from a distance of 30 centimetres and repeat every 30 days. This will give your shoes maximum protection.


Just like your skin, smooth leather needs nourishment. By caring for your shoes with the right products, you can keep them in tip-top condition. To care for smooth leather, we recommend Collonil Waterstop Tube. Match the colour of the leather or choose colourless for a product that you can use on all your smooth leather shoes. 


Clean. Besides protecting and caring for your smooth leather shoes, it is important to clean them from time to time. Cleaning removes dirt from the pores of the leather, making it easier for the material to absorb nutrients. The first step is to clean your shoes ‘dry’. Using a soft brush, gently brush over the shoes until the dirt is gone. After the dry stage, you can ‘damp’ clean them. Use Carbon Complete or Waterstop Tube. If you are using Waterstop, match the colour of the leather or choose colourless for a product that you can use on all your smooth leather shoes. Apply, allow to dry briefly and then polish the shoes for the best results. Clean the soles with a damp cloth.

TIP: Shoes with white soles are best cleaned with Sneaker White. The soles will look brilliant white again in no time.

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