Your Guide to the Perfect Shoes for Cold Days

Winter is just around the corner, and as the temperatures drop, it's essential to have the perfect pair of shoes in your collection. At Wolky, our comfort shoes are designed to provide an excellent fit and are crafted entirely from premium leather for ultimate comfort. But that's not all - we also have a fantastic range of shoes specially designed for those with cold feet, so you can stay cozy and warm during the colder months! Look out for our signature CW (Cold Winter) shoes.

Stay Warm with our Cold Winter Shoe Lining

We understand the importance of a good lining for improving shoe fit and longevity, which is why we put so much care into this aspect of our footwear. For individuals with cold feet, our special "warm-lining" is the answer. Our Cold Winter fur lining is crafted from high-quality synthetic fabric, providing an extra layer of warmth during winter and keeping your feet cool in the summer. The Cold Winter lining is not only durable but also quick-drying, soft, and cushioned for optimal comfort.

Looking for Warm and Waterproof Shoes?

If you're seeking both warmth and waterproof protection, check out our fantastic range of waterproof shoes. Many of our waterproof models also feature the cozy warm lining, offering you the best of both worlds!

What if You Haven't Purchased CW-Shoes?

If you haven't tried our CW-shoes yet, our first suggestion would be to go for our comfortable leather shoes. Leather naturally keeps your feet warm while allowing them to breathe, preventing sweaty feet.

Alternatively, you can find our special Cold Winter soles in our webshop. These innovative insoles can be used in some of our standard Wolky models like the Roll Moc and the Up2 lines, transforming them into warm and cozy options. The CW insoles feature the same high-quality synthetic upper to keep your feet warm just like our CW shoes. Plus, they come with an incredibly comfortable footbed for all-day support.

At Wolky, we're committed to providing you with the perfect shoes for every season, ensuring your comfort no matter the weather. Embrace the cold days with confidence, knowing that your feet are snug and warm in our Cold Winter shoes or equipped with our cozy CW insoles. Enjoy the chilly weather while staying stylish and comfortable with Wolky!

Extra warm shoes

Stay cozy all winter long with Wolkys warm lined, water resistant shoes.

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Center WR
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Zion WR
Bryce WR
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Denver WR
New Wave WR
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